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Ministry Partners

Note: This section provides a directory with applicable links for the ministry partners of GTS RACK Rooms.

GTS (Gospel Trick Shot Ministries, Inc.) -- Founded: 1996 (Practically) / 1998 (Legally)

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GTS Timeline / Flow Chart:

Our Parent Company

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Steve Lillis

(Board Member) Spiritual Timeline

RACK (Recreational Ambassadors For Christ's Kingdom) -- Founded 1984

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Tom Rossman

(Board Member) Spiritual Timeline

HGC (Hawthorne Gospel Church -- Founded 1925)

2021 HGC

Hawthorne Gospel Church (HGC) is the home church and birthplace of Gospel Trick Shot Ministries, Inc. in 1998. Steve Lillis graduated with a four-year Bible diploma in 1999 from the Hawthorne Community Bible School (HCBS) located on the campus of the church. In Year 2000, Steve Lillis became a full-time missionary with HGC. In 2001, a worldwide network of ministry contacts for Gospel Trick Shot (GTS) began while partnering with the Global Outreach Team (GMT) at HGC

RHC (Rising Hope Church -- Founded 2018)


Michael Hewitt

(Board Member) Spiritual Timeline

Other Sources (Recognized by GTS RACK Rooms)

Brian Pauley

Brian Pauley

(Board Member) Spiritual Timeline

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