1915 - 1978
Foundational Years
  1. An Early Introduction

    Early 1918

    Back in 1918 Pool was invented.

1979 - 1995
Gospel Trick Shot takes shape and RACK vision starts
  1. Eighties

    Hair Bands

    Back in Black.

1996 - 1999
Gospel Trick Shot Ministries, Inc. officially starts
  1. New Millinium


    Beginning of a new Era.

2000 - 2004
GTS expands nationally and internationally as RACK begins to take shape
  1. GTS

    Explosion Worldwide

    Ministry expands to many countries and continents

2005 - 2009
GTS explosion worldwide
  1. GTS

    and Rack

    Partnerships formed.

2010 - 2013
Gospel Trick Shot, RACK, and more partnerships
  1. Harlem

    Around the World

    Four Continents

2014 - 2018
Globetrotting with GTS and RACK
  1. GTS Ministry

    Goes Online

    YouTube, Websites

2019 - 2021
Ministry transition begins with online added
  1. An Early Introduction

    Early 1918

    Back in 1918 Pool was invented.

Church Special Outreach

Need Links

Pool in Church videos with link to Rising Hope Service(s) – suggested by Michael                                 

Need Link

Steve Lillis video presentation on 11/21/20 on “Hybrid Missions” for churches and outreach ministry.

Note: This presentation includes a summary of Hybrid 2020 and future projections of what might be done!

GTS Calendar Updates

Dear Gospel Trick Shot Friends:

Hope you are enjoying our continued online presence during this COVID-19 season of challenge!  God continues to expand our

ministry opportunities through the Internet.  Please check our calendar below to pray and review our potential schedule of events.  Thank you for your

continued prayers and support.

Thanks, Steve

Lillis, President and Founder www.gospeltrickshot.org

GTS Calendar 2020-21

>Fall/Winter 2020-21 – Continued launching of the worldwide GTS RACK Room vision online with billiard players, instructors, retailers, manufacturers, cue repair, installers, community centers, and billiard rooms with continued worldwide online presence with Zoom meetings, videos, podcasts, and interviews in various multi-media platforms.

>Fall/Winter 2020-21 – GTS Virtual Prison Ministry launch into AR, ID, ME, MI, and MT with state prison populations of 26,000 inmates monthly viewing material on 10,000 tablets through a unique portal.  Expanding to 150,000 inmates in 26 states.

>1/7/21 – 1/10/21 (TBD) – Joss 9-Ball Turning Stone pro event live in Verona, NY.

>Summer 2021 (TBD) – Melilla, Morocco partnering with the New Life Church in Melilla and the Hawthorne Gospel Church in Hawthorne, NJ and billiard companies to open a billiard cafe in Melilla and launch the BAM (Business As Mission) platform.

>Summer 2021 (TBD) – Tunisia partnering with EME Ministries out of Jonesboro, AR using their platform of BAM (Business as Mission), Education, and the planting of local house churches.  Also partnering with nonprofit BWAT (Bright Women’s Association of Today) to help abused and vulnerable women with children.

>Spring/Summer 2021 (TBD) – Gospel Trick Shot RACK Team Prison Tour working with Prison Fellowship Ministries in NY and OH and the Solid Rock Evangelistic Association in FL with Mike Massey, Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman, Steve Geller, and Steve Lillis.

>GTS World Tour 2021 and beyond (TBD) – invitations from ministries and billiard federations to Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia,

Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Hungary, and Honduras.

Bible Verse Of The Day

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