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Note: This section presents and reviews products as approved by the GTS RACK Rooms.

Steve Lillis books on the Game and Life

Both are available in paperback and as ebooks at Just type in the words "Gospel Trick Shot" or "Steve Lillis" to order.

You can also request an autographed copy by email to! A suggested donation of at least$15 for each book or $25 for both will be shipped postage free in the USA!

Tom Rossman Special Heart / Mental Training Manual for Game and Life

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Following are two commercial sites that are NOT involved financially with the nonprofit ministry of Gospel Trick Shot Ministries, Inc. No goods or services are provided in consideration of contributions made, except intangible religious benefits, where applicable. -- promotional website for the sport of pool and 3 cushion billiards...providing media coverage for special events and much more. In addition, innovative products for family fun and recreation and co-creator of Q and Cue Characters. -- Bobble Ball egg-shaped billiard ball pool table game, providing games for players of all ages. Play 8-ball and 9-ball with a cue stick or a billiard bowling version with balls rolled by hand. Also offering the Markue Kicking and Banking Cue, Custom Cut Throat, Elimination Sets, and Custom Pool Balls.

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