1915 - 1978
Foundational Years
  1. An Early Introduction

    Early 1918

    Back in 1918 Pool was invented.

1979 - 1995
Gospel Trick Shot takes shape and RACK vision starts
  1. Eighties

    Hair Bands

    Back in Black.

1996 - 1999
Gospel Trick Shot Ministries, Inc. officially starts
  1. New Millinium


    Beginning of a new Era.

2000 - 2004
GTS expands nationally and internationally as RACK begins to take shape
  1. GTS

    Explosion Worldwide

    Ministry expands to many countries and continents

2005 - 2009
GTS explosion worldwide
  1. GTS

    and Rack

    Partnerships formed.

2010 - 2013
Gospel Trick Shot, RACK, and more partnerships
  1. Harlem

    Around the World

    Four Continents

2014 - 2018
Globetrotting with GTS and RACK
  1. GTS Ministry

    Goes Online

    YouTube, Websites

2019 - 2021
Ministry transition begins with online added
  1. An Early Introduction

    Early 1918

    Back in 1918 Pool was invented.



Training Steps To God

Note: This section will present training, witness, and testimony videos in and out of a church setting

Steve Lillis books on the Game and Life

You can request an autographed copy by email. A suggested donation of at least $15 for each book or $25 for both will be shipped postage free in the USA!

Email Steve: billiards12@hotmail.com

Tom Rossman Special Heart / Mental Training Manual for Game and Life

Witness Tools Video (8 minutes) by Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman with encouragement on how to be a witness for Christ. Intro: Dear friends in the billiard industry and beyond… I recently created a video sharing how “witness tools” are used in the GTS (Gospel Trick Shot) / RACK Vision outreach / ministry work at:

World Champion and BCA Hall of Famer Robin Dodson – FB Live billiard interview and teaching clinic on “Playing the Ghost” with Christian testimony starting at about the 33:30 mark.

Robin Dodson Photo

Special Meaning of GTS RACK Room(s) – presented by “Dr. Cue”


Personal Visions, Dreams, and the Church – presented by “Dr. Cue”

Dreams Visions Cross

The REAL Message for your Game…and most importantly…LIFE – presented by “Dr. Cue”

Cross Image

Hybrid Mission

Video by Steve Lillis.  This is an edited version of the presentation on 11/21/20 for Serving Hands at the Hawthorne Gospel Church on Hybrid Missions.  Steve discusses the future of missions using technology and more.

Note: This presentation includes a Hybrid 2020 summary & future projections of what may be done!

To enjoy more topics of interest for GTS RACK Rooms, please click on the desired graphic image under the Q & Cue Characters section located in the middle of the home page!