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Special Needs - Foundation Of RACK

Note: Foundation of RACK is a special ministry vehicle for special needs.  A.P.P.A. (Artistic Pool Playing Artists) acts as a fund-raising tool in association with the “sport gift” of Artistic Pool.

GTS Ministries is spearheading "special need" projects in Zambia as a blueprint initiative with water wells, bunk beds, pool tables, and much more. Below are some special pictures showing "Christmas gifts" for the children of the God at Work for Kids orphanage in Lusaka, Zambia. (December 25, 2022)

These Christmas gifts for our GTS adopted children at the orphanage were a great blessing to all -- reflecting God's provision in so many ways. Look at the pictures of the young people on their new bunk beds, waiting patiently for the pizza party to begin, and then finally enjoying their first ever Christmas pizza party!  

Special thanks to Wayne Parker of South Africa who was the GTS administrator of the project!  RACK Vision outreach contributions to GTS Ministries via funding from Artistic Pool Playing Artist blessed "gifts" received over several decades are now being used as a source of healing for bodies, minds, and spirits in Africa and beyond via GTS worldwide mission work.

Zambia Children Bunk Beds
Zambia Children Waiting For Pizza
Zambia Children Eating Pizza

Here also is a video link of Steve Lillis sending Christmas greetings and performing a Christmas gift (Gospel Trick Shot) to the children and the country of Zambia as news media in Zambia covered the entire event! 

The RACK Room “hope and dream” vision points are integral parts of the overall RACK Vision.

Specific points of focus are

Address special needs of “qualified” individuals; that is, “gift” provisions of food, clothing, shelter, and

medical items.

Share the salvation message with those receiving these “gifts” and assure access to subsequent discipleship as needed

Touch the “hearts” of those beneficiaries of the “gifts” in a compassionate manner using foundational

stewardship and ambassadorship principles characteristic of truly dedicated Recreational Ambassadors for Christ’s Kingdom (R.A.C.K.)

Encourage the beneficiaries of the “gifts” to reach out to others who might have special needs of mind, body, and soul; thereby, helping to fulfill the RACK Room “hope and dream” vision
Gospel Trick Shot Ministries serving as a legal conduit for making this all happen so that any and all contributions via donors, fund raisers, and other special benefit functions satisfy both the giver and the receiver of the “gift” (per applicable and approved GTS accounting practices)

Continuance of the “heart to heart” alliance of select non-profit entities, special businesses, and treasured individuals already working together within the billiard industry that directly or indirectly support the RACK Vision and RACK Room “hope and dream” vision points.

Artistic Pool Playing Artists (APPA) will act as a funding source or fund-raising tool for each alliance friend or “vehicle of provision” that may be involved in this Christian based outreach opportunity

Gospel Trick Shot Ministries will serve in a “foundation” capacity to alliance friends by reviewing special

need requests submitted by them and providing hopeful approval in full or in part.

Email requests for special needs (food, clothing, shelter, and medical provisions) should include name, city, and state of beneficiary, specific type of need, and amount requested.

Contributions to each recipient will be memo noted and may be used as apportioned for respective food,

clothing, shelter, and / or medical needs. GTS reserves the right to send any requested and approved funds direct to the requesting party or the base source satisfying the need; i.e., utility company, landlord, store purchases, etc.

All "special needs" contributors / donors will be listed and honored in a special donor section of

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