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Meet The Characters

Note: This section presents the family of novel Q & Cue Characters coming to life and emerging from the negative bio points of their past to their “new” Spirit walks with Christ. The characters are  designed to inspire, uplift, and encourage, as they share their favorite "life lesson" trick shots with you.

Everyone is a character! Some character traits drive us crazy, some get us in trouble, and some are a blessing. With our Q & Cue Characters there is something very special about them. Each has a past without a purpose. However, in Christ, purpose and eternal joy can be found. As you meet our characters, perhaps you will see yourself in one of them or a friend.

The linked video below depicts the original version of animation for Q & Cue Characters, as they are being introduced, except for "Professor-Q-Ball" and "Dr. Cue". Scott Bailey, a student at Indiana State University, created this magnetic presentation and released the intellectual property free and clear to Tom Rossman and Paul Frankel in August of 2012. We sincerely appreciate Scott's pioneer efforts to help make the Q & Cue Characters "come alive" and for his timeless efforts and valued contributions to our sport / outreach promotions.

Old Ouchy Image For GTSRR

Free download at link below of Q & Cue Characters book telling story of "old" days and "new" journey vision.

The "Man of the Simonis Cloth" and "Dr. Cue" create an exciting message to debut this unique animation of our Q & Cue Billiard Character family. May your spirits be uplifted as you "enjoy the roll and special messages" from the characters. In addition, each character has a favorite trick shot, which is demonstrated by "Dr. Cue" in real life mode.

Sixteen Q & Cue Characters Modern Day Intro With Favorite "Life Lesson" Trick Shots (February 2021)

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