1915 - 1978
Foundational Years
  1. An Early Introduction

    Early 1918

    Back in 1918 Pool was invented.

1979 - 1995
Gospel Trick Shot takes shape and RACK vision starts
  1. Eighties

    Hair Bands

    Back in Black.

1996 - 1999
Gospel Trick Shot Ministries, Inc. officially starts
  1. New Millinium


    Beginning of a new Era.

2000 - 2004
GTS expands nationally and internationally as RACK begins to take shape
  1. GTS

    Explosion Worldwide

    Ministry expands to many countries and continents

2005 - 2009
GTS explosion worldwide
  1. GTS

    and Rack

    Partnerships formed.

2010 - 2013
Gospel Trick Shot, RACK, and more partnerships
  1. Harlem

    Around the World

    Four Continents

2014 - 2018
Globetrotting with GTS and RACK
  1. GTS Ministry

    Goes Online

    YouTube, Websites

2019 - 2021
Ministry transition begins with online added
  1. An Early Introduction

    Early 1918

    Back in 1918 Pool was invented.



Professor Q Ball web

Free Instruction & Gifts

Note: This section offers free instructional items, including, but not limited to Steve Lillis and a multitude of Gospel Trick Shots, “Dr. Cue’s” online learning library with the APA (80 videos) and CSI (36 videos). In addition, free book and manual downloads, visual tutorials, special teaching tips in the GTS RACK Room on Facebook, plus comprehensive lesson plans as approved by GTS RACK Rooms will be available at no charge.

>The Gospel Trick Shots under this site’s “Chalkie” menu tab are a huge foundational base of the instructional materials for the ministry. These teaching videos, plus many others by Steve “Leapin” Lillis include written instructions on how to execute the shots along with instruction on how to present the life lessons and spiritual principles related to the shots with appropriate Bible verses included. Please click on the following link for many of these presentations:


> APA “Dr. Cue” Instructional Series (80 videos…in order for sequential practice):


> CSI “Dr. Cue” Instructional Series (36 videos…specialty segments for all players):


> Special “Dr. Cue” Mental and “Heart of a Champion” training manual (2016) — 70 pages…to help you

RACK Up A Victory in your game and most importantly…LIFE!

Note: Download your free electronic copy of “Student of the Game and Life” (The Manual) at:


> Original RACK Up A Victory instructional book (1988) — 180+ pages…Fundamentals / Secret Systems

Note: Download your free electronic copy of “RACK Up A Victory” (The Book) at:


>The following link provides special instruction by Steve Lillis on how to play Bobble Ball (also known as Tag Ball) at:


> Gifts from special contributors will be listed here with applicable links

To enjoy more topics of interest for GTS RACK Rooms, please click on the desired graphic image under the Q & Cue Characters section located in the middle of the home page!