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Since we are booking GTS tours all year round, your information below will be used to help us plan our itinerary so that we can continue to be cost effective.  We have included a link at the bottom with more helpful information in your planning.

To book Gospel Trick Shot shows with RACK team members, please contact Steve Lillis for more information: 973-572-7287 or 

Below are a list of things to include in your mail
Approximate Date or Month
Your Location
Your Phone Number
 Your Email
 Number of GTS Shows and/or Venues Requested
 Type of Venue – community center, school. church, billiard room, prison, rehab, or outdoor venue
Time Period or number of days requested

Gospel Trick Shot Show Information Link Below Presents Magnetic Images, Costs, and Much More

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For the GTS RACK Rooms current calendar, please click on the following link

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