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Welcome to "The Vault!" This is where we have some of the greatest archived videos and information on the history and legacy of Artistic Pool and Gospel Trick Shot. Learn about Dr. Martin Luther King and other facts what will make you and your friends say, "Wow! I didn't know that!"

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Martin Luther King Jr. – Pool video (2 min. 54 sec.) entitled "MLK: Pool Shark for the People"

Miracle at 1982 McDermott Masters Trick Shot Championship

Description: This video presents a dynamic and exciting competition featuring the top trick shot artists of this era. At 18:45 of the timeline something very unusual happens on a popular trick shot. Tom Rossman, known as "Hoppe Toad" at the time (now Dr. Cue) appears to lose his rhythm and lags in the total score against his two opponents. What happens next is very strange, to say the least, as Tom miraculously starts his assent to victory.

This event catapults "Hoppe Toad" / "Dr. Cue" into the media spectrum, in a way that God uses to develop a "table trotter" entertainment, teaching, and competitive career for over 35 years -- all leading up to ministry witness under the GTS RACK Rooms project online, reaching people worldwide to:

"Play Skillfully with A Shout of Joy" (Psalms 33:3)

2017 BCA Hall Of Fame ("Dr. Cue" Induction)

(Edited Version -- 41+ minutes)

Most players consider the "pinnacle of their game journey" to be inducted into the BCA Hall Of Fame. Even though "Dr. Cue" did not seek this lofty goal, God had other plans. God knew people would listen to Biblical truths and the Gospel message if a player speaking about them had industry validated credentials both on and off the table. Dr. Cue realized that the highest "pinnacle in life" was to be assured eternity in heaven by accepting Jesus Christ as one's personal Lord and Savior. This spiritual Hall of Faith "gift", so to speak, is all that really matters and everyone can have it free of charge. All honor, glory, and praise to God for the "amazing grace" His Son Jesus gave us ALL on the Cross. May the message of this video given by "Dr. Cue's" induction speech inspire and provide hope for each person in the billiard industry and beyond.

Enjoy and Blessings to ALL!

Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman

Dr Cue Doing HOF Speech

Mike Massey and Steve Lillis classic show at Southern Illinois University (SIU) in 2006

Description: This is a Classic Gospel Trick Shot Show with Mike Massey and Steve Lillis at Southern Illinois University in 2006 with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries and the SIU Bowling and Billiards as the hosts and sponsors.

Steve Lillis special classic show on Albanian National TV working with the Albanian National Billiard Team in 2006.

This great video presents team training / player interactions via shot demos in an international setting.

An additional special training video was done by Steve Lillis back in 2006 for the Albanian GTS RACK Team in Tirana, Albania.

Description: This video with disks 1 and 2 has a GTS RACK Room Bible study along with 11 timeless Gospel Trick Shots complete with a demonstration of how to set them up and execute along with what to share as part of the Gospel message.

Disk 1 – GTS RACK Room Bible Study and the first 2 shots: 


Disk 2 – The next 9 Gospel Trick Shots with explanations: 


Psalm 33:3 – “Play skillfully with a shout of Joy!”

Another classic with Tom Rossman and Steve Lillis at a public school in New Jersey.

Description: Here are some trick shots in a local public school for a show called Science, Math, and Life Lessons with Steve Lillis and Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman during the first week of school in 2018-2019.

Another classic McDermott Booth show

Description: This is a classic Gospel Trick Shot show (21 min 29 sec) by Steve Lillis in the McDermott Booth at the Hopkins Expo on March 19, 2014 with a memorial tribute to the founder Jim McDermott. 

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