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Take a break in the GTS RACK Rooms presents an interview with Brian "Superman" Pauley. Brian is a member of the RACK Team and is President of the Artistic Pool Division of the WPA. His pool case is probably bigger than yours and we will be looking into what's inside the case! This segment also features some great trick shots as well as some all-round fun. Get ready to rack up a victory in the newest segment feature of the GTS RACK Rooms!

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Majestic Road Podcasts

Majestic Road (By Walter Lim):

Note: Steve Lillis, Tom Rossman, and Brian Pauley available on three different platforms. Just search the Majestic Road menu of podcasts on the page that opens up and look for the name of who you want to listen to!

AZ Billiards

Billiard Buzz – Sharing the Light by Roger Long – Special Testimonies

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