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Gospel TrickShot Bonus #2

Rise Up

History of the Trick Shot: This shot requires the use of a Bobble Ball invented in 2009 by Fred and Devra Robledo who also made the GTS portable pool table in 2013. The Bobble Ball can be ordered at bobbleball. com. The shot was invented by WPA top 10 world ranked Artistic Pool player Jason “The Michigan Kid” Lynch. It was later used by another WPA top 10 ranked Artistic Pool player Brian “Superman” Pauley, plus BCA Hall of Famer Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman.

GTS Name and Why: Like most Gospel Trick Shots when you see the visual image of the shot, the principle becomes obvious. Gospel Trick Shots were created to give an illustrated message using billiards. It can be in story format or simply one spiritual principle that applies to the visual created by the shot. In this particular shot, the Bobble Ball will rise up when struck in just the right way!

Scripture References in NIV Translation: Philippians 4:8, Psalm 27: l, and Psalm 37:39.

Cue Ball Placement: The cue ball or any object ball can be used as the resistance ball as shown

Object Ball(s) placement: Place Bobble Ball in front of resistance ball. Normally the Bobble Ball is placed with a gap of 1/8 to 3/16 of an inch between it and an object ball center to each other.

Objective: Hit the Bobble Ball straight into the “gapped ball” next to it and straight in line to pocket B and object ball will disappear into pocket B and Bobble Ball will remain spinning after it rises until it takes its rest (lying down) again.

Special Notes: You must hit the Bobble Ball very hard and as far to the right of the thin side as possible. This will generate maximum speed and spin. The record is about 30 seconds spinning like a top!

Crowd Reactions Through the Years: This shot has not been seen by most Rise Up people. Because of its uniqueness like the Bobble Ball itself, there are a lot of oohs and aahs from the crowd when the Bobble Ball rises up. The performer of this shot can share a personal triumph over tragedy through Jesus or simply remind people that no matter what they are facing they can rise up with the help of the Lord. Another alternate meaning can include lying down to get your rest and rising up to do God’s work.

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