Gospel Trick Shots

Gospel TrickShot #9


History of the Trick Shot: This is one of those oldies but goodies! A very simple l, 2, 3 shot that I had seen BCA Hall of Fame players Nick Varner and Jimmy Caras use along with a few others.

GTS Name and Why: After practicing the shot, the thought came to me that I can use the balls to represent the letters J, O, and Y spelling the word joy. I further thought about a Bible lesson I learned years before about putting Jesus first, others second, and yourself last if you want to have lasting JOY. Since I was an English professor, the letters in the right order form the acronym JOY.

Scripture References in NIV Translation: Nehemiah 8:10 and Psalm 73:26.

Cue Ball Placement: Place cue ball as shown but it can be adjusted to accommodate the shooter.

Object Ball(s) placement: Place the one-ball frozen to the rail as shown. The two-ball is in front about one half ball width away from pocket A. The three-ball is set up for a combination into pocket D as shown allowing for directional throw

Objective: Hit the cue ball to pocket the one-ball with inside English hitting the rail and the ball at the same time. Ignore the other balls as if they were not there. All three balls will go in order with the one and two balls going in pocket A and the three-ball following across in pocket D.

Special Notes: This configuration can be adjusted by moving the one-ball slightly in either direction along side rail AB. The other balls will remain in approximately the same formation.

Crowd Reactions Through the Years: This is yet another shot that is so simple but yet profound. People see the shot and immediately understand Joy the principle. I usually share with the folks that years ago I had it backwards where I put myself first, others a distant second, and Jesus was not even on my radar screen. For years, I wondered why I had no joy! When I found Jesus, I found true joy. I challenge those in the audience that if they are not experiencing true joy, try putting Jesus first!

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