Gospel Trick Shots

Gospel TrickShot #8


History of the Trick Shot: My Gospel Trick Shot road partners Mike Massey and Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman worked with me on this shot. Mike was the first trick shot artist I saw use this shot in his show.

GTS Name and Why: The first thought I had about this shot was that everything must be sunk and hence the name Titanic. I later realized that there was another boat called the Ark, built by God, that was designed to float and save humanity. The comparison about which boat to be on as we travel through life crossed my mind! I realized that for years, I was on the Titanic. When I met Jesus, I switched to the Ark.

Scripture References in NIV Translation: Genesis 6:1-11:32; Hebrews 9:27; and Acts 4:12.

Cue Ball Placement: Place cue ball as shown and hit firm through the mid- dle of the six object balls.

Object Ball(s) placement: Place two balls each hanging near pockets B and E as shown. Follow set-up of Gospel Trick Shot #1 but move the two balls with the cue ball back about 1.5 inches. Aim those two balls frozen to the cue ball directly at the balls closest to pockets B and E. Place one ball near each of pockets A and D as shown. You can adjust to other sides of pockets A and D if needed. Place 8 Ball on rail on a cube of chalk.

Objective: Stoke hard with good follow through to make 14 balls in one shot. For added affect, you can place the eight ball on a cube of chalk nearby and after the shot simply drop it in your side pants pocket.

Special Notes: Remove six balls in the middle and test with a firm stroke the cue ball with the two frozen object balls and the two hanging balls in each of pockets B and E. If this works then do the complete shot.

Crowd Reactions Through the Years: I start building the boat (pockets B, E, A, and D) and share that my Dad and I were in the U.S. Navy. I bring out the passengers in the middle, the Titanic captain (cue ball), and the first and second mate (frozen to cue ball). Before I shoot, I challenge the crowd to switch to the Ark like I did years ago. I shoot, 14 balls sink, and fifteenth ball the eight ball goes in my pants pocket from sitting on a cube of chalk on rail! Cover line if you miss the shot can be that there were survivors on the Titanic! After applause, I encourage people to take our free literature to get more information about Captain Jesus!

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