Gospel Trick Shots

Gospel TrickShot #14

Narrow Way

History of the Trick Shot: This shot is part of the Artistic Pool program dating back to Year 2000 and put together by Artistic Pool Founder Tom Rossman, myself, and others as part of the WPA Artistic Pool Division. Even though we performed this shot in competition, I did not think of it as a Gospel Trick Shot until I first saw Brian Pauley use it in one of our Gospel Trick Shot shows. Brian is currently a Gospel Trick Shot Board Member and Chairman of the WPA Artistic Pool Division.

GTS Name and Why: This shot gets its name because the cue ball passes through the “narrow way” or window of balls on its way to pocketing the 8-Ball in pocket C. Jesus said in the Bible that he is the way, the truth, and the life. He also said that the way to life is narrow and the road to destruction is wide. Hence the way to a good and prosperous spiritual life and then eternal life with Jesus is narrow and few find it!

Scripture References in NIV Translation: John 14:6 and Matthew 7:13-14.

Cue Ball Placement: Cue ball is be- hind the long center line and across from the 3 ball.

Object Ball(s) placement: The 1 and 2 balls are two balls out from the rail with the left edge of the 1 ball even with the right point of the side pocket. The 3 ball is angled to the left pocket point of the corner pocket. 5 object balls are along the 1st diamond line past the side pocket. There is a two- ball gap between 5 more blocker balls to create the window or narrow way. There is a combo in the corner pocket. You can place the 8 ball alone in front of pocket C to make it more challenging!

Objective: Aim the cue ball to the contact point between the 1 and 2 balls with high left spin. This triggers the 3 ball to go into corner pocket A, the 2 ball to cross bank back in the side pocket as shown, and the 1 ball to go into side pocket B. The cue ball goes through the 2-ball gap and spins forward to make the combo or the 8 ball alone.

Special Notes: The toughest part of this shot is determining the speed of stroke and the amount of top spin that allows the cue ball to go through the gap without touching the balls.

Crowd Reactions Through the Years: People are awestruck when the cue ball travels through the 2-ball gap and does not hit any of the balls on its way to pocketing the 8-Ball in corner pocket C. After people clap for the shot, they seem to ponder the meaning of the shot and reflect back to the point of the “narrow way."

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