Gospel Trick Shots

Gospel TrickShot #13

It Is Finished

History of the Trick Shot: This shot was invented by my road partner Mike Massey. After Mike, Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman, and I did dozens of Gospel Trick Shot shows together at various billiard industry events in the early 2000’s, Mike felt inspired to come up with this fantastic shot. This shot was also featured on my life story in a made for TV documentary for the 700 Club and the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) in 2007. The show was called the “Pastor Shoots Pool – The Steve Lillis Story.”

GTS Name and Why: The shot was named because with the rack and balls setup accordingly, one can see the head (C, 4, 2 balls), outstretched arms (7 and 6 balls), and feet (8, 5, 3, and 11 balls) of Jesus on the cross. Jesus spoke seven times on the cross, and one of the phrases Jesus said was “It Is Finished.” What Jesus accomplished on the cross, through his death, burial and resurrection was all that was needed to finish the work of man’s salvation.

Scripture References in NIV Translation: John 19:30, Romans 11:6, Gala- tians 2:16, and 2 Timothy 1:9.

Cue Ball Placement: Place the cue ball approximately 4 inches from the side pocket (B) as shown.

Object Ball(s) placement: Place two balls frozen to the cue ball (2) & (4) so that the object balls will be pocket into the corner pockets (D) and (F) respectively. Place the rack in the center of the table, about 10 inches in front of the cue ball, so there is sufficient clearance for the (2) and (4) ball to travel unobstructed towards the corner pockets. Freeze two additional object balls (6) and (7) against the rack as shown so they too will travel to the corner pockets (D) and (F). Lastly, line up four additional object balls, frozen together, with the (8) frozen tightly against the front of the rack. Make sure they are lined up so they can all travel straight into the side pocket.

Objective: Hit cue ball firmly aiming straight towards the Side Pocket (E). If you hit it perfect the cue ball will bounce back into side pocket (B).

Special Notes: Make sure you use a rack that is not too heavy or too light, as a flimsy plastic rack does not cause enough energy to cause the object balls to reach their destinations and a heavy rack might absorb too much energy.

Crowd Reactions Through the Years: The visual of only the rack (cross of Jesus) remaining on the table after all the balls are pocketed is powerful. Many times people are silent for a few seconds after the shot pondering the fact that Jesus not only left the cross but left this world and sent us the Holy Spirit to live inside of us when we believe.

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