Gospel Trick Shots

Gospel TrickShot #12

Showing Off

History of the Trick Shot: This shot was made famous by my friend and former New Jersey native Steve Mizerak who is a BCA Hall of Famer and legend of the game. Steve did this shot on a Miller Lite beer commercial back in the 1980’s and went on to become larger than the game of pool as an international celebrity. I had the privilege to successfully compete against Steve many times in my professional career.

GTS Name and Why: This shot has always been a favorite of mine. For years, I combined it with the Pride/ Humble Gospel Trick Shot #4 for obvious reasons. My good friend and GTS helper, Pastor Michael Hewitt, put an interesting twist on the shot and I will use that below for an explanation.

Scripture References in NIV Translation: Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12.

Cue Ball Placement: Place the cue ball about one diamond from pocket E and one ball from rail EF.

Object Ball(s) placement: Place an object ball as shown in line vertically and diagonally with the left point on the side cushion of rail ED. Place another ball directly in front with a third ball pointed to pocket A on a combination shot allowing for directional throw. Then two balls will be placed frozen to each other and the cushion as shown about one inch from pocket E. Place the eight-ball hanging in pocket C.

Objective: Hit the cue ball firm with top left (running) English catching about 1/3 of the outer object ball of the two frozen balls on side rail EF. The cue ball should strike the first diamond on side rail AB before the outer ball of the combination shot reaches corner pocket A. All five balls will disappear with the cue ball coming around the table three rails before depositing the black eight ball in corner pocket C.

Special Notes: Steve Mizerak in the commercial placed a cup on the table and lifted it to drink before the cue ball came around to pocket the eight ball and said “this is what I do when I am just showing off.”

Crowd Reactions Through the Years: People love this shot because it might be the most famous trick shot of all time. The message that Pastor Michael added is that it is not good to be alone as God created us to be in fellowship with one another. The two balls frozen on rail EF represent that two is better than one and the three balls near side pocket E represent that three is even better. The Scriptures listed above teach this principle. When we follow God’s principles for living, we can then “show off for God.”

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