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Gospel TrickShot #1


History of the Trick Shot: This is a spin-off of the "Butterfly Shot" made famous by Willie Mosconi on the Ed Sullivan Show in the 1960's. I saw Jim Rempe add two balls in the front of the cue ball creating an obstacle. I concluded that this shot would now represent the obstacles in my life. My good friend, Pastor Scott Packard in Albany, NY, used a video tape of me doing this shot and 10 others as part of his weekly APA church league's 15-minute devotional. At the time, Scott owned that APA Mohawk Valley franchise.

GTS Name and Why: Obstacles - My personal life was full of obstacles. Having been separated from my wife for 19 1/2 years taught me to go on and go through the obstacles of my life!

Scripture References in NIV Translation: Romans 5:3-5; Il Corinthians 4: 17; James 1:2-8; Proverbs 3:5-6; John 14:27; and Psalm 31:24. Each one is worth reading in any translation.

Cue Ball Placement: Place the cue ball as shown and shoot directly through the center of the butterfly.

Object Ball(s) placement: Place the six object balls on the table first as shown allowing for directional throw in each pocket. Lay your stick on table to make sure the center two balls of the butterfly (6 balls) are centered and about 2/3 of a ball width apart. Place the two remaining object balls frozen to the cue ball and headed to the inside of the side pockets.

Objective: Pocket all eight balls as shown thereby going through the obstacles of life.

Special Notes: Focused concentration on firm center cue ball hit, straight stoke, and follow through.

Crowd Reactions Through the Years: This shot has always been a crowd pleaser as people love to see many balls fall in the pockets. More importantly they really begin to think about the obstacles in their lives!

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