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Testimonies & Interviews

Note: This section presents testimonies and interviews done by different sources within the billiard industry and beyond via podcast services and requesting social platforms used by the GTS RACK Rooms.

Majestic Road (Podcast interviews By Walter Lim).

Steve Lillis, Tom Rossman, and Brian Pauley available on three different platforms.  Just search the Majestic Road menu of podcasts on the page that opens up and look for the name of who you want to listen too!

AZ Billiards (Billiard Buzz – Sharing the Light by Roger Long – Special Testimonies)

Others –Testimony links will appear here as they occur!

AZ Billiards (Billiard Buzz – Sharing the Light by Roger Long – Special Questions / Answers)

Note: In this section specific questions that players, fans, and many others come up with all the time are answered from a Christian perspective by the players that have provided their testimonies above. Please visit this section frequently as questions continue to be posted by Roger. A special thanks to AZ Billiards for their efforts to release this blessed program to their readers and those visiting

Question #1,

July 2021

Is it okay for a Christian to gamble at pool?

Question #2,

August 2021

What is the difference (from a moralistic standpoint) between matching up and playing tournaments?

Question #3,

September 2021

Have you ever used an illegal substance(s) as a way to enhance your pool performance?


Mike Massey Pool Player Podcast at the Rio in Las Vegas 2/25/23


Mike Massey shares what he has learned in his life journey with the men of the New Canaan Society (NCS) at the Brick House Restaurant in Wyckoff, NJ on January 13, 2023. Mike is a former multi-time World Champion of Pool and Billiards, a Billiard Congress of America (BCA) Hall of Famer (2005), and considered by many as the greatest trick shot artist of all time!

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