1915 - 1978
Foundational Years
  1. An Early Introduction

    Early 1918

    Back in 1918 Pool was invented.

1979 - 1995
Gospel Trick Shot takes shape and RACK vision starts
  1. Eighties

    Hair Bands

    Back in Black.

1996 - 1999
Gospel Trick Shot Ministries, Inc. officially starts
  1. New Millinium


    Beginning of a new Era.

2000 - 2004
GTS expands nationally and internationally as RACK begins to take shape
  1. GTS

    Explosion Worldwide

    Ministry expands to many countries and continents

2005 - 2009
GTS explosion worldwide
  1. GTS

    and Rack

    Partnerships formed.

2010 - 2013
Gospel Trick Shot, RACK, and more partnerships
  1. Harlem

    Around the World

    Four Continents

2014 - 2018
Globetrotting with GTS and RACK
  1. GTS Ministry

    Goes Online

    YouTube, Websites

2019 - 2021
Ministry transition begins with online added
  1. An Early Introduction

    Early 1918

    Back in 1918 Pool was invented.



Training Steps To God

Note: This section will present training, witness, and testimony videos in and out of a church setting


Description: This is a special 25-minute video presentation by Steve Lillis on December 16, 2022 speaking on the topic of “surrender” at the NCS men’s breakfast at the Brick House Restaurant in Wyckoff, NJ encouraging the men to “surrender” all to Jesus!  Steve shared what God has been doing in the past few years to lead him to a place of more surrender to the Lord’s will, plan, and purpose for his life.  Please click on the link below for the amazing testimony shared by Steve!


Steve Lillis books on the Game and Life

You can request an autographed copy by email. A suggested donation of at least $15 for each book or $25 for both will be shipped postage free in the USA!

Email Steve: billiards12@hotmail.com

Tom Rossman Special Heart / Mental Training Manual for Game and Life

Witness Tools Video (8 minutes) by Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman with encouragement on how to be a witness for Christ. Intro: Dear friends in the billiard industry and beyond… I recently created a video sharing how “witness tools” are used in the GTS (Gospel Trick Shot) / RACK Vision outreach / ministry work at:

World Champion and BCA Hall of Famer Robin Dodson – FB Live billiard interview and teaching clinic on “Playing the Ghost” with Christian testimony starting at about the 33:30 mark.

Robin Dodson Photo

Special Meaning of GTS RACK Room(s) – presented by “Dr. Cue”


Personal Visions, Dreams, and the Church – presented by “Dr. Cue”

Dreams Visions Cross

The REAL Message for your Game…and most importantly…LIFE – presented by “Dr. Cue”

Cross Image

Hybrid Mission

Video by Steve Lillis.  This is an edited version of the presentation on 11/21/20 for Serving Hands at the Hawthorne Gospel Church on Hybrid Missions.  Steve discusses the future of missions using technology and more.

Note: This presentation includes a Hybrid 2020 summary & future projections of what may be done!

To enjoy more topics of interest for GTS RACK Rooms, please click on the desired graphic image under the Q & Cue Characters section located in the middle of the home page!